We did a fun show last night at the Diesel. We were very short-handed, as the message didn’t seem to get out to everyone about the show. Big in Japan consisted of me, James, Sarah, and KPR, who filled in with us because no one else showed up. It was fun to do the four-hander though. We were “competing” against Kung F-U for audience applause, although as with most improv competitions, it’s not as much about competing against someone as just putting on the best possible show.

We ditched the Harold format and just did a montage of scenes from the suggestion “dinosaur.” I was feeling quite conscious of my knee, so I kept censoring my physical moves. The set turned out pretty well though, as we linked a lot of ideas together throughout the set. Fun stuff. In the end, Kung F-U got the greater applause, which they deserved because their set rocked. I was just happy to be back on stage after such a long break.

Our next show is on Wednesday night. We’re performing for the Canadian Improv Games kids at the Bad Dog.