Saturday, December 29 was a great day. We got up and headed out to Marin County for a hike. Along the way, we found some mushrooms and some photos too. The light wasn’t ideal, because it was a bit late in the day, but the place was still beautiful. I’ll use thumbnails for these ones…


These mushrooms are called “candy caps” because they have a faint smell of brown sugar when you pick them. As they dry, or as you cook them, they release a very strong maple syrup smell. Pretty cool…


The mushrooms had to be sorted and double-checked when we got home to make sure they were safe.


We ate a delicious dinner of fried mushrooms and Kansas steak. Steak from Kansas truly is more tender and tasty. Weird, but good to know. 😛


The highlight of the night was the Gnarls Barkley/Flaming Lips concert. It’s really beyond description, so I made a short video to assist. Here ya go.