I went to a Windows Vista “Launch and Learn” today. It was a roast beef luncheon put on by my main supplier. I don’t care too much about Vista, but I care a great deal about prime rib, so I made my way to Markham for the event. It was pretty cool, actually. There were lots of notebook computer vendors there, showing off their new Vista-capable hardware. This one is incredibly sexy. It looks much better in real life than in pictures, especially with the black leather, and only weighs 1kg. It would be a nice travelling companion, although I hardly need another laptop. I will probably just get more memory for mine, and keep running Windows XP for the next few months until Vista is safe territory. 😛

I saw presentations by Microsoft, Lenovo, Asus, LG, and MSI. The interesting thing is that the last four were all promoting laptop computers. All of them had Powerpoint presentations to illustrate their talks. Only LG seemed to get it right, making the slide shows easy to digest and relevant to the audience. The LG speaker was particularly effective too… professional and funny. He kept us laughing and well-informed. The other dudes were probably great and knowledgable geeks, but were terrible presenters. People were mainly sticking around/staying awake because they were waiting for the door prize draws that followed each talk. I didn’t win anything, by the way, but i got some swag:


As you can see, there’s an LG post-it sticky-thing dispenser, a harmonica (huh?), complete with instruction sheet, and a disturbingly phallic Windows Vista pen/PDA stylus. Now I’m ready for a wild night on the town!