I went to the doctor’s this morning, and waited an hour to see him. I feel a bit crawly in doctor’s offices, with people hacking and coughing around me. Fortunately, in addition to being a family doctor, he’s also an OBGYN, so the condition of most of his patients is not catching, at least for me.  When I got to talk to him, he poked and prodded my knee a bit, and declared that I should try to keep my weight off of it until they figure out what’s wrong. Seems sensible enough. I made an appointment to have an x-ray and a musculoskeletal ultrasound done on Friday. Then I’m back to see him on the following Thursday. I have to wait to get an appointment for an MRI. Apparently I can expect to wait 4-6 weeks until I get something in the mail to tell me when my appointment is. In the meantime, the pain isn’t too bad, except when I try to run or carry heavy stuff downhill. My symptoms seem to match ACL injuries, according to the Mayo Clinic’s excellent web pages about them.

Speaking of excellent web pages, Olya’s comment led me to find this page with my horoscope for the year.  Looks like a good one for me:

A fantastic year for the Ox. You’ve got everything going your way: romance, career and health are all in the plus column. However, to take advantage of your good luck you need to take all ‘opportunities that come your way. You’re also advised to take some time away from the plough work and spend time climbing the social ladder, and trying to hit the jackpot with romance.