I’ve been back in Second Life again. I’ve never really given up on it, but I didn’t really know anyone there. I’d only log in to check on my photos in the gallery, and to pay my gallery rental. Recently, I met a group of cool artists there, including some very talented photographers. I’ve been given my own gallery to display my work. We’re building a bit of a community for artists, and it’s kind of exciting. Here’s a screenshot showing my gallery under construction.


I actually think Second Life is much more significant than people give it credit for. It reminds me a lot of the world wide web when it first started. Initially, the Web was a domain exclusively for geeks. Users could learn a simple language called HTML and become publishers. Information was finally free. It took a couple of years to catch on, but soon every company and government was scrambling to get on board.

The same kind of development is happening in Second Life. There are some simple building and scripting tools to learn, and once you’ve learned some basics, you can build almost anything you want. You can become anything you want. If you want to be just what you already are, that’s fine too. Second Life is absolutely packed with content creators, and also consumers for that content. It’s an exciting new frontier at this point. Business is latching on to Second Life too. Many major companies have a presence in Second Life and are using it to promote their products and services. Even the government of Sweden is setting up a virtual embassy there.

It seems right to me to be promoting my art in Second Life. I’m in on the ground floor, and that can only be good. Plus, it’s kinda fun. 😛