I’m having a good time so far. There’s a really cool laid-back vibe to this place. Everyone’s been very friendly and helpful. I’ve been watching some good improv too.Other than that, life is pretty quiet here. I had my first experience with grits for breakfast yesterday. Fried green tomatoes too.

IMG_0392_small.jpg IMG_0394_small.jpg

The sausage was great. The grits were… um. Well, unremarkable. They had almost no flavour. Jen would love them 😛

Had lunch with Asaf Ronen and KPR. If looks could kill, we’d be mourning Asaf today…


It’s important to keep up your improv strength during trips like this:


Hey look… there’s Big in Japan in a local newspaper:


Big in Japan performed last night at the Artscenter. Because it was a Thursday night show, the crowd wasn’t big… maybe 50-75 people in the 300 seat venue. But they were loud and appreciative, so we got great energy from them. I really enjoyed our set. Our suggestion was “catastrophe” and we spun that theme out in many different ways. KPR took some photos of our set. Here’s my favorite… we’re birds dying of avian flu. 😛


I’ve been putting up the DSI photos here.

After the set, I stuck around to shoot another 2 hours of improv, but we got together later in the night for some beverages. Some drinks were more enjoyable than others.

IMG_0413_small.jpg IMG_0414_small.jpg

More to come!