Flying from Toronto was no fun. My flight was a United Airways flight operated by Air Canada Jazz. I tried to check in at the Air Canada kiosk, but it said, “Please see a United Airways representative.” So I hauled my butt down the terminal to the United counter, then waited in line for 15 minutes. When I got to the front of the line, the guy said I had to go back to Air Canada. After going through security, I had to get on a bus to get to my gate, which was in a remote satellite part of the terminal that almost rivaled the most advanced airports of Eastern Europe and the Caribbean. It was basically a corrugated metal shack with carpets. The computer at the gate was broken, so we had to board at a different gate. After we got on the plane, we had to wait another half hour because they couldn’t find anyone to put the luggage into the cargo compartment. Can you believe airlines pay $12,000 to land at Pearson?

Anyway, once we were underway, the flight was smooth and easy. I had a great reception here in Raleigh. KPR and Anthony from Chicago came to get me from the airport. It’s pretty warm here too, all things considered. It feels like about 5-10 degrees Celcius. It’s quite a relief after spending the last two weeks in Hamilton chilled to the bone at -16C.

I got checked into the Best Western and then headed to the theatre to meet Zach and shoot the show. The improv was great. I am too tired to process all the photos right now, but here’s a sample.


After the show, we had something greasy to eat, and then back to the hotel. I’m ready to crash. More updates later.