I’m having a great weekend so far. I spent Friday night in Toronto hanging out with Tan and his sister Sue and her friends. We went out for a pretty fancy dinner at Grappa on College Street. The food was excellent… I had crab cakes, then spaghetti with jumbo shrimp and sea bass in a creamy tomato sauce. We went to Beer Market afterwards, and enjoyed a few pints. The cover band there was the worst I’ve ever heard. It sounded like karaoke night.

I made an interesting discovery last night. It turns out that Sue’s husband is most likely my distant relative. His family name used to be the same as mine, but they had to change it when they emigrated to South Africa. They had to pretend to be related to another family there so they could get into the country. Inneresting.

Big in Japan rehearsal didn’t really go anywhere today. Only a few of us were able to make it, so we worked up a flyer to leave on the seats at the theatre before our show in North Carolina. We’re performing there on Thursday night. This trip seems to have snuck up on us pretty fast. I can’t believe I’m leaving on Wednesday.

After improv “rehearsal” I went to Nick’s and spent some time catching up with him before meeting Mike and Bhav for dinner at Failte’s. I had a fairly poor Caesar salad, and reasonably good chicken wings. We played some cards at Mike’s afterwards while we waited for Tan to show up, then headed over to Bhav’s to watch the UFC match.

Now I’m home. It’s 3am and I’m wondering whatever happened to global warming. It seems to have travelled down to Florida to wreak havoc. I wish it’d stay here for a bit, where all it seems to do is create some comfortable temperatures. I’m convinced my genetics make me extremely unsuited for this kind of weather. This -16C stuff is really getting old fast.