Well I’m a bit embarassed that Chinese New Year caught me by surprise this year. I was wondering why it was so difficult to drive out of Chinatown last night. The traffic was nuts.

Anyway, it’s the Year of the Pig. It’s funny to me how some of the animals that we kind of dis here in the West are the ones that the Chinese consider the best. For instance, the Rat is the smartest animal, and the Pig is the luckiest. If you were born in a Year of the Pig, you can expect to be very lucky. Good luck with that!

Other pig-like attributes are honesty, straightforwardness, and patience. They’re considered shy and modest. On the other hand, don’t tick off a pig. They can be vengeful. They are conservative by nature and don’t like to be far from their familiar surroundings.

I’m having a porkchop today to celebrate the Year of the Pig.