Things are starting to settle down, more or less. I’ve now got more usernames and passwords than I can shake a stick at. I’m starting to keep a file with a long list of intranets and other internal systems that I need to access. I’m all set to work from home, too, almost. I’ll have a VoIP phone so I am connected to the phone system at work over the Internet, and a VPN account so my home computer can be attached to the network here.

As far as my actual job is concerned, I’m starting to get a handle on all that’s involved. By talking to about 6 people around the office yesterday, I have gathered all the fragments of the job together and am getting a bigger picture of what is involved. In one giant nutshell, I’m managing the design and programming of three big e-commerce websites. It’s kind of fun because I’ve seen good websites and bad websites, and now I get to try to create good ones.

On the fun side of things, we went to a wine bar after work and polished off a very nice bottle of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. We also ate all kinds of delicious and tiny appetizers. Then we went home and played XBox 360 until it was way too late, with a stop for a greasy gyros sandwich late at night. Good times. Sleep is overrated.