Here’s a photo of me at work that I took a couple of weeks ago. I finally had a moment to take the memory card out of the camera and copy the photo to the computer. It’s been a very busy month.


This weekend in summary, as much as I can remember:

  • Headshot shoot with standup comic/actor
  • Emergency troubleshooting for Mouse Academy clients
  • Teaching improv level one class
  • Cancelled Big in Japan rehearsal because of schedule fubar
  • Dinner with Fiona in Toronto. Delicious filet mignon stir fry with avocado and cashew nuts in a pepper sauce.
  • Went to a glass art gallery
  • Watched The Departed. Infernal Affairs, the original HK movie that was the source material for The Departed was a better film.
  • Improv cagematch finals with the Emergency Broadcast System (we didn’t win–our set was alright, but nothing special)
  • Photoshoot with Tippi Seagram
  • Watched The Protector (Tom Yum Goong). I can’t believe Quentin Tarantino attached his name to this piece of garbage.

I’ve decided to bill my work in Montreal through my company, so I’m technically still self-employed. The next step is finding a place to live here that makes sense financially, considering I’m also supporting a home in Hamilton, and soon a photo studio too.

I really do feel like I’m living two lives, and the 1 hour flight between Montreal and Hamilton serves as a metamorphosis between two states of being. Getting used to this and minimizing the transformation as much as possible is going to be important to me if I am to succeed at this and everything else I want to do.