It’s been good so far. It was a bit adventurous getting here… Air Canada cancelled my flight from Hamilton, and put me in a cab to the Toronto airport instead. After all my careful avoidance of YYZ, I still ended up there in the end. The flight was good though, on an Airbus 320. I just didn’t like being an hour late for my new job on the first day.

When I got here, I had lunch with my new team. I had a bit of a tour of the office and got to meet everyone else. Then I started working on getting access to the new systems I’ll be using. The job is going to be very busy. I’ll be working on managing a project that is already behind schedule because the previous project manager left. Everyone on the team is happy to have me here to fill the hole.

At night, we went out for dinner at a really good Thai restaurant called Chaophraya. Later on, we partied with the staff at the bar across the street. I had a few espresso martinis. Tasty stuff!

The job will be challenging, but fun , I think. Working is weird, but I’ll get used to it.