Well that was a fun weekend home. Landing in Hamilton was a bit hairy because of the wild weather. The pilot had to abort the landing about 10 seconds from touchdown. The engines roared and the plane banked steeply into the sky again. My fellow passengers and I looked at each other nervously and joked about our short visit to Hamilton until the pilot came on the intercom to explain that he had to try a different approach to the airport because of the bad weather. The second approach worked better, and we survived the landing.

Friday night I went to see 300. Not a bad movie. But as Frank Miller graphic novel-inspired films go, I think Sin City was better. 300 had some visually stunning scenes, but the characters were a bit plastic. There were some highly sexy scenes though, and they have inspired me to do some fun shoots. I’m trying to organize one now, so we’ll see how that turns out.

Saturday was improv-filled. I was teaching from 12 until 3, and then headed to the Diesel for the St. Patty’s Day comedy festival there. Our Big in Japan set at 10:30pm was not too bad, but the 12:30am set was several kegs of beer later, and was a suitably sloppy and drunken mess. I only had a couple of beers that day, so I was able to drive home. I was exhausted when I crashed at home at about 2am.

Sunday was great. I didn’t do a whole lot, and was able to have dinner with Dad. Monday was super busy, as I had packed it up with all kinds of appointments. I also got my VoIP phone working, so I now have a Montreal phone number in Hamilton. Sweet. I’m also connected to the VPN so it’s just like my computer is hooked up to the company network… just slower.

Now I’m back in Montreal. My flight from Hamilton was delayed, probably because Air Canada decided to switch from the nice little regional jet to a deathtrap turbo propeller plane. Work continues to be challenging. I was dealing with some bug fixes and stuff, which I had not known were my problem. I mean, my projects haven’t even been designed yet, let alone gotten to the stage where they can have bugs. But the bugs were in an older website that has been up and running for a few years. As the new project manager for that client, it’s my responsibility to deal with it. I have the evening to myself tonight. Tan is off in NYC, so I’m going to go wander the city looking for something good to eat.

I’m still negotiating for the photography studio space. It’s almost settled now though.

UPDATE: Had some delicious Lebanese food at a shish-taouk place… Hesis might know this stuff as “kebab” and thus be jealous. Then I had an espresso at a corner cafe. I’m enjoying the quiet evening to myself. I haven’t had much “me” time lately. I’m grabbing it while I can. 🙂