I always enjoy arriving back in Hamilton, but when the day looks this good, it’s extra special. It’s been a very long week that passed disturbingly quickly. I was glad to set foot on home turf again.

It’s been a busy weekend so far, except for Friday night, which I used for watching Bon Cop Bad Cop and catching up on sleep.  Saturday I taught the level 1 improv class. It was our seventh class out of eight. Next week is the last one. We spent the class putting together some of the concepts we went over in the previous weeks.

After class, we had a Big in Japan rehearsal. We’ve had some changes in the team in the last few weeks, losing some members and gaining others. It’s been a bit disruptive to our chemistry, but we’re pretty dedicated to pulling it back together again. I think after a few weeks we’ll be tight again.

After rehearsal, I went for Indian food at Bombay Bhel in Markham to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Beef Vindaloo is tasty but extremely spicy. No pain, no gain. 😛

After dinner I met a few friends in Hamilton for drinks and hanging out.  There was a prolonged discussion, including a phone call to a food expert in Vancouver, as we debated where oats came from. We realized what dumb city boys we were, because between five of us, none of us knew definitively how oats grew or whether or not you could make pasta from them. After some investigation, we discovered that oats grow in oat fields, like grass. If we’d had Internet, the debate would have been significantly shorter. I also came up with a business idea for a company that would interview you to find out what your life goals were, and then phone you every morning to tell you things you should do that day to work towards your goals. The company would have an extensive list of activities and happenings in the city that you could participate. The counsellor who called you would not tell you the purpose of the activity being recommended, but it would all be designed to move you towards your goal. For instance, “Take mountain biking lessons today,” might move you towards the goal of quitting smoking. After a few years of this, if you had listened to the advice that had been given to you, you’d have reached your goals. I think it would work.

This morning I had an MRI on my knee. I had to lie on this platform with my knee in a cradle that kept it from moving. They gave me earplugs to wear, and then the whole platform slid into the middle of a giant metal donut. The platform hummed and vibrated. There was a fan blowing cool air on my feet. It was like lying on the deck of a very powerful speedboat as the engine idled. During the scan, which lasted about 30 minutes, there were a variety of clanking and grinding noises. When it was done, the platform slid out of the donut again and I was done. I go see the doctor in a couple of weeks to discuss the results.  I’m hoping for the best…