Ok, that’s an exaggeration. There are plenty of dull moments in the office. In fact, I’d say 84.7% of moments are dull. But there are also occasional interesting things happening. For instance, on Thursday, there were people here filming a video job posting.


They wanted to interview me about why I was working here, but I thought my reason (helping my friend because he was desperate for a project manager) might be counterproductive to the recruiting function of the production.

I also chose to work on Good Friday, even though most of the staff elected to take the day off. I figured I might as well get some stuff done, since the main reason I’m here is to work anyway. It turned out to be a pretty good day. Because it was only me and one other co-worker battling it out on the island for the title of Software Department Survivor, it allowed me to make some much-needed personnel changes.


I also moved some potted plants around the office and relocated various office supplies. I aim for subtlety.

There was also a game of “Whip the Rubber Ducky at the Guy Across the Room.” The game is pending a better name, but the current name helps people understand the rules.


Basically, you whip the rubber ducky at the other guy across the room, preferably when he’s not looking. With any luck, he might hear the whistling of the red aerodynamic ribbons around the ducky’s neck a split second before it smashes into his computer monitor or head.

There was also a game of “Run and Leap Over the Office Dividers,” but I chose not to participate because of my bad knee.

Last night I went to see a modern dance performance put on by one of Tan’s friends. It was great. There were three dancers. One was a traditional Indian dancer, one was trained in modern and African dance, and Tan’s friend performed a dance that was a combination of multiple styles including traditional Indian, martial arts and Tai Chi. I noticed that some of the dancers used object work similar to improv. Their movements were so precise and graceful. If they were funny too they’d be awesome at improv. 😛