Big in Japan had a great set of improv at Harold Night last Monday. Maybe not because it was the funniest or best improv we’ve ever done, but because we accomplished a goal for our performances that’s eluded us for the last couple of months. We’ve been working on evolving the Harold format, which is normally quite a strict structure, based on the suggestion. It’s difficult because we’ve been drilled in the the Harold format for so many years. To spontaneously spin it into something new is something that we’ve had trouble doing. We’ve worked on it in rehearsal, but that’s easy because you have time to stop and discuss it, or freeze it and try it a different way. Once we hit the stage, we usually end up falling back into the structure and playing it out like we can do in our sleep.The audience gave us a gift on Monday night. The suggestion was “anarchy.” It was just what we needed. We tore the Harold format to bits and threw it to the wind. We shattered the fourth wall, bolting into the audience, the tech booth, and backstage to perform our scenes. We dragged an audience member onstage and improvised with him. We included a plastic plant that I found backstage in the cast. We turned the lights out on our own set and did a bit of a Bat in the dark. When we felt we’d had enough chaotic fun, we stormed off the stage and declared our set over. We loved it. The audience loved it. The venue… not so much. Apparently we got charged for the damage we did to the theatre. The charges are ridiculous and fabricated, because we didn’t break anything other than a tabletop plastic card holder that they probably got for free from a brewery, and the Harold format, which is easily repaired. We certainly didn’t throw a chair at an audience member like they claimed we did. Anyway, we feel like rock stars now that we’ve been fined for destroying things. We can thank them for that.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful, actually. I worked in Montreal, as usual, and then made it home safely this morning. I managed to get my hands on tickets for the Arctic Monkeys on May 12. They were one of my favorite bands of 2006, so it’ll be loads of fun to see them play.

Oh I know what else happened… I started renting an apartment in Montreal. I’m sharing a two bedroom place with a co-worker. It’s about a 20 minute walk to work from there, which isn’t bad in the summer. It’s a huge change from the place across the street where I’ve been staying up until now, though. I haven’t moved in yet, but I will when I return to Montreal on May 8. I’ll be spending the week here in Hamilton to take care of a few things. I have some photo shoots, a couple of meetings, and a doctor’s appointment to go over the results of my MRI.

And finally, I did a shoot tonight with a new model named Mel. We took some photos to continue my Rebirth series. Here are a couple.

mel___consideration.jpg mel___soft.jpg

They’re very different from each other. I was playing with different visual and emotional “textures.” Not sure how to explain it better than that. I guess that’s why I have a camera.