It’s been nice to spend the weekend around here. I got back Friday morning, worked, slept a bit (yes, I confirmed that my bed is as comfortable as I remembered it) and went to a party hosted by another photographer in Hamilton. There was another photographer there as well, and the three of us confirmed that photography is, indeed, the best job ever.

That is a belief that I hold pretty dear. My last 10-day stint in Montreal really reinforced that a life in the corporate world is just not my cup of tea. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the trip. I had a lot of fun, hanging out with new and old friends, eating at good restaurants, and working a lot. It’s not my life though. I feel like I’m wearing a costume or something.

I’m likely going to be sharing an apartment with a co-worker. When and where this will be is still up in the air though… I’m working out the details slowly.