The title of this blog entry is such a cliche. Every time gas prices go up, newspapers all publish stories called, “Pain at the pumps” or something like that. Anyway, it’s no surprise that we’re paying more than ever for gasoline. Every time the prices go up, the oil companies come up with new excuses for it… a refinery was closed because of a terrorist attack (terrorists are the Communists of the 21st Century–you can blame anything on them and get away with it), a rail-workers’ strike, a fire, etc.. But whenever the crisis is over, the prices don’t go down. This morning, I actually heard a Petro Canada executive on the radio, blaming America for the high prices. He said we had to match high American prices for gasoline, otherwise Americans would flood over our borders and buy all our gasoline. Oh no! How ridiculous and false. Americans wouldn’t know how to find the border, even if there were signs pointing to it. And from my journeys through Buffalo, I must tell you it’s not easy to find Canada from there.

Anyway, I’m resigned to paying more for gas because of my social guilt. I’m paying my penance for taking part in the ruining of our environment by giving up bigger and bigger wads of cash for a fill up at the pump. I just wish that the companies who benefit most from this destruction didn’t make so much money from it.