Nerdiness was in full force in the last couple of days. I’ve been tremendously busy, but I decided that I needed to replace the case my computer is in. It’s an Acer HX45 midtower that I’ve had for ages. Here’s a review from 2000 of that case. I think that’s about when I got it. It’s been through about six upgrades since then, and has had a lot of stickers affixed. I will miss the dA stickers and Upright Citizens Brigade stickers that adorned it. However, I was hearing the cooling fans inside working overtime, and nearly burned my hand on the hard drives when I had to reach in there one day. The old case just wasn’t doing the job anymore, coping with the heat of the newer, faster CPU and hard drives. With the hot weather these days, I was worried I’d burn out a CPU or worse yet, a hard drive.

The new case is sweet. I got a Thermaltake Armor Jr. It’s possibly the lamest name for a product ever, but I really like the design.


I could do without the glowing blue fan and the clear plastic side panel, but I guess I can live with a bit of pimping out, especially if it comes with really good airflow. Now I can work without worrying too much about my computer exploding into flames.

The second item on my geeky to-do list was to buy an Xbox 360. Don’t ask me why. I don’t actually have time to play, but for some reason I felt compelled. I even bought a game on Ebay so that I would practically be forced to buy the console. Anyway, I ended up buying the console at EB Games. So, I’m the owner of a shiny new Xbox 360. I’ll tell you how it is once I get a minute to play with it.