Friday night in Bangkok was kind of interesting. A friend introduced me to a Thai girl named Pui, who was my tour guide for the evening. We went out for dinner at an upscale Thai restaurant and then for drinks. Afterwards, we went to a popular bar, which was jammed with people listening to a live rock band and drinking a lot of booze. I met the owner, and asked him the reason for his success. He said a lot of Thai celebrities hang out there, so that makes it popular. Makes sense. That night, the son of the deposed Prime Minister was partying there. If the new military government caught up with him, there’d be a heap of trouble for him. I guess he was too drunk to care! We took off from there and went for ice cream at a trendy dessert bar. Well, ice cream being somewhat cave-unfriendly, I had a raspberry smoothie, which was delicious.

Today I’ll do some more shopping. I have booked a fitting for my new suit, and I need to buy some cheap luggage to carry it home.  Tonight, if I’m in the mood, I’ll do some shooting. I really feel like I covered what I wanted to cover in Bangkok when I was here a couple of years ago though, so I’m not seeing much new that I want to shoot.