china_antelope.pngI love it when someone gets caught trying to scam the rest of us. It happened this week when China’s official news agency was forced to apologize for awarding a “photo of the year” award to a Photoshopped image of antelopes migrating peacefully beneath a high-speed rail line. At the awards ceremony, the photographer claimed that he had waited for eight days in a pit for the antelopes to run by at the same time as the train. When an anonymous photography buff noticed that there was a weird line that looked like Photoshop splicing in the image, and posted his discovery on a Chinese photography forum, it was open season on the antelope photo. Antelope experts chipped in on the strangeness of seeing pregnant antelopes in an image taken at that time of year, and also their calm formation, despite the noisy train roaring along ahead. Photography experts noticed the inconsistency of motion blur and other image flaws. It was an obvious propaganda play, and for the fraud to be discovered from within China makes it even more delicious. Score one for a free press!