I’ve heard that change requires an extended period of disruption. I’ve finally been prompted into change, after a year of commuting to Montreal. Lately, I’ve been getting lots of calls to book headshots and other kinds of shoots. I guess my new website is really firing on all cylinders!

Anyway, this week while I was away in Montreal, I missed out on booking three photoshoots because I wasn’t able to respond to my answering machine messages in time. I was using a regular old-fashioned answering machine, which I can check from Montreal, but I never remember to do that, and it’s a pain to use too. I don’t really carry my Hamilton cell phone around with me anymore because I don’t have enough pockets to carry that and the Blackberry too. I’m also reluctant to put my cell phone number on the Internet.

So, yesterday, I finally signed up for online voicemail. Now, when someone leaves me a message, it’s emailed to me automatically. I’ve been using this for my other business for months, and it’s worked very well to keep me in touch. Now it’s become worthwhile doing for my personal and photography line too.

Sometimes change is good.