Today we hiked in Redwood National Park. We didn’t really have a plan, or a trail map, which led to some minor anxiety as we realized that trees are not good landmarks for finding your way back to the car. The scenery was magnificent though. The trees in this forest grow up to 350 feet tall, as high as a 35-floor building, The air was so rich in oxygen that there was a constant feeling of being high. The park seemed mostly deserted too. We very rarely saw other people on the path, and if you just stood still, all you could hear was the sound of the wind in the treetops, or the clatter of ferns rattling against each other in the breeze.

After our hike, we headed out onto the road again, driving back through Crescent City to pick up a picnic lunch at Safeway, then parking off the highway in the forest to enjoy our meal. After lunch, we drove up highway 199 to Oregon, where we found the Treesort. Spending the night in a treehouse was a lot of fun. It feels like being a kid again. Our treehouse was called the Peacock Perch. It’s pretty cozy.

It’s Wednesday today. We’re going to head out to the coast again, and try to make it to Newport.