For the last year I’ve been tossing around the idea of renting some studio space. The main reason is that I often feel cramped shooting in the small corner that I’ve set aside for a studio. I often feel cramped working at my computer in the other small corner I’ve set aside for this. But, is buying more space the only way to get more space? I don’t think so. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I can make better use of the space I have now, instead of increasing my monthly expenses. All it’s going to cost me is a lot of hard work. 😐

One of the things I have to think about is all my computer stuff. Computer stuff is important to me, so there’s no avoiding this. I don’t want to lose any functionality or convenience because I’m shifting things around.

Here’s how things are right now:

The first diagram shows all the computer stuff I need to maintain, and where it is located. The second diagram shows a very rough floor plan of my place, which is not to scale, or necessarily even the right shape. I notice that I even got the shade of green for the loft wrong. Nice!

I have realized that I do not need a huge bedroom, and that space would be better used as a living room. That would free up my current living room to be a studio. My current studio would become an office.

Here’s how it would look in diagram form:

Ahhh much more spacious. I’m also planning to redo the floors in the new shooting area and my kitchen/lobby/office area. Instead of carpet and vinyl flooring, it will be a laminate/hardwood. I’ve also picked out some paint colors to completely repaint the interior, all the way up to the 16 foot ceilings. But that is a story for another day. This is going to be a busy spring!