Fresh blueberries, strawberries, almonds and yogurt. I love summer.

I forgot to add the ground flax seed before taking the picture, but it was mixed into the final product. The flax seed slows down your body’s absorption of the fruit, so you get more bang for your breakfast buck. Great source of omega-3 fat too.

In other news, painting is done at my place. It was a huge job. It required about 8 gallons of paint, and several near-death experiences on ladders. I probably could have gotten it done sooner, but I was tied up with working, and sheer non-interest in the tedium of the job. However, now that it’s done, I’m pretty happy with it. Yesterday, I also removed the carpet from the studio area, so it’s down to bare concrete now.

New floors are supposed to go in on Monday. I chose a Cumbrian Maple laminate.

I think the dark color will help “ground” the room, since the brightness of the walls have really opened it up. My Monday floor installation schedule might be thrown off though, because I might be hired for a full-day shoot on site that day. I would have to postpone floor installation until after my Chicago trip next week. Either way, I’m pretty happy.

If everything goes ahead as planned, I’ll have a new floor by Monday night. If I have to change plans, I’ll make some money to help pay for all of this!

The Chicago trip goes from Thursday until Sunday next week. We’re taking Big in Japan to the mecca of improv, the Chicago Improv Festival. We’re pretty excited to be playing there. We’ll be playing at the Second City Skybox on Friday, June 6 at 9pm.

We’re so ready for this trip. For the last couple of months, Big in Japan has been blowing the roof off of the Savannah Room shows. Our rehearsals have been intense and productive. We have our own show now, called Big in Japan OMFG which runs every Tuesday night. And every night, I feel like we’re doing great work, advancing our style. We’re feeling invincible up there. Even last night, when most of the team was involved in the Combustion Festival and couldn’t make it to OMFG, Sean Magee and I did a two-person set that rocked hard. I can’t wait to take it to Chicago.

UPDATE: I’m hired for that full-day shoot on Monday. The floors will have to wait!