Well, I’ve finally got my furniture moved around. It helped enormously that some university students found my Craigslist ad for my old desk and picked that up for $25. I also sold them the Couch From Hell, my 200 lbs of pull out bed from the 70s. That was a bonus, because I didn’t know how I was going to get rid of that thing!

Now, my studio space feels spacious. My living room is slightly cozy, but I still haven’t figured out how to arrange my furniture in there. It’ll do for now though.

The next step is to paint. That begins next week. After that, new floors. I have almost decided to pay someone to do the floor installation for me. It’s a big job and there are lots of things that can go wrong with it, so allowing the pros to do it will get it done quickly and let me get back to work faster.

As for paint, I did a Photoshop mockup of the colors. I’ll be using a light cream color and a chocolate brown. I am still deciding if I would like to have some accent walls in blue. What do you think?