The Chicago trip was a whirlwind. Literally. There were tornado warnings all day on Friday, the the weather was absolutely wild. It was hot and humid, but the wind was blowing like mad. At times, it was difficult to walk down the street, because the wind was pushing back so hard. You could practically lean against the wind, and it would hold you up. That is until it swirled and changed direction. They aren’t kidding about this Windy City business.

There’s a rooftop pool and patio in our building. The panoramic view is breathtaking. What really amazes me about Chicago is the waterfront. It’s a great example of how a city should manage its waterfront, allowing full access to everyone, rather than crowding it with condos so close that you can’t even see the water, let alone walk to it and dip your feet in (*ahem*toronto*ahem*). Another thing that they’ve done right is maintained a lot of green space. There are trees and grass everywhere in the city, which makes it a much more pleasant place than the concrete jungles who try to squeeze every cent out of the available land space. I think by keeping the land beautiful, it actually enhances the real estate value. But what do I know?

I actually didn’t watch too much improv on this trip. I caught the sets of a couple of the Toronto teams, like WDWMKR and Little American Bastards. They were great. But, since we had to pay for the shows individually, and often the shows were sold out, I was not that inspired to go see them. I saw tons of different improv at DSI and will see tons more at the Del Close Marathon in August too.

Instead, I partook in other fun things, like swimming, partying, shopping, and eating deep dish pizzas two days in a row. Hey, if you’re going to fall off the caveman wagon for a couple of days, you might as well fall into a deep dish pizza.

Big in Japan performed at the Second City’s Skybox on Saturday night. The CIF staff at the show were great, and operated like a friendly well-oiled machine. It was a very cool venue, with about 70 seats, and a multi-level stage. We had fun playing with that. I think if we had the opportunity to play on that stage a couple of times, we’d somehow find a way to integrate it into our style.

Sunday was a pretty chilled out day. We’d stayed up until about 5am the night before, so getting up to check out of the condo was not easy, but we managed somehow. We left the luggage with the front desk, and lounged around for most of the day, having pizza, Cold Stone ice cream, and hanging out in the 44th floor lounge.

The trip back home was not as smooth. We cut it pretty close, making it to the airport about 30 minutes before our flight was to take off at 10pm, but in the end, it didn’t matter. Because of thunderstorms gathered above Chicago, our flight was delayed by four hours. With the time change and delays, we got to Buffalo at about 4:30am. I had the distinct displeasure of watching the sun rise as I drove home. I crashed in bed at 5:30am, and then felt like I had barely closed my eyes when it was time to wake up at 8am to greet the flooring guys who are installing my new floor as we speak. More about that later. 🙂

I’m pretty tired today. I’m beat up from eating badly for the last couple of days, and not having enough sleep. But, I should have time this week to catch up on sleep and repair some of that damage!