The new floor is done, thus completing the final large component of my renovations this year. I can’t say enough good things about End of the Roll and their installer, Jean Paul. The flooring itself was about $1-2 per square foot cheaper than equivalent stuff at Home Depot or Lowes, and the installation was $1 per square feet less than those places too. So, over 540 square feet, that’s a significant savings.

Jean Paul and his assistant Joe were very professional, meticulous and very fast. They finished the entire space, including installing new quarter-round at the baseboards in one day. They moved my furniture for me, and even hid the Ethernet cabling under the baseboards, so the place looks very tidy. Afterwards, they swept, vacuumed, and carted out all of the dust, packaging and garbage that they’d generated during the job. I know that if I’d attempted this job myself, I’d probably still be working on it in a month, and it wouldn’t look nearly as good. The only hitch was that my bathroom and closet doors need to be shaved down so that we can attach the reducers that connect the new floor to the old floor.

The final step is to paint the baseboards and quarter-round black. I’ll get the paint today.