Well, it’s about to be a hectic couple of weeks. I’m glad that I just got back from an extremely relaxing mini-vacation. Laura and I went up to Collingwood to visit the Spa Scandinave. It’s owned by the same company that operates the spa in Tremblant that we enjoyed so much in January. If you’re looking for a way to unwind, I can definitely recommend it. Alternating pools of hot and cold water, infused with minerals and special salts. Menthol steam room. Finnish sauna. Oh yeah. You’ll be blissed to the point of near unconsciousness. It’s probably more pleasant than it sounds.

We stayed at the Westin Trillium House, which I booked on Aeroplan points from my constant flights to and from Montreal over the last year. What a treat.

The place was beautiful, and for $40/night, I upgraded us to a one-bedroom suite. We had a little kitchen and a living room with DVD player and gas fireplace. Our balcony had a great view of the mountain. The 4pm checkout was a nice touch too.

We also did some hiking and had some fantastic meals, either prepared by us at the hotel, or by talented chefs at restaurants around the area. Our meal at Largo’s in Thornbury was especially memorable. From the best salad I’d ever seen and tasted, to the pork chop topped with braised pork belly, I was in caveman heaven. Everything was so artistically composed that we had to meet the chef. Mark was gracious enough to come out from the kitchen to chat with us for a few moments. He’s a very humble guy who found his passion for cooking as a teen, and never looked back.

We did some hiking too, climbing to the top of the mountain, and then taking the gondola down again. Note to self: climbing ski hills in inappropriate footwear after a rain storm = difficult.

I’m really digging these fields of wildflowers that are everywhere this time of year. I’m going to have to set up some shoots that take advantage of this type of scenery.

So, the hectic couple of weeks that I mentioned starts tomorrow. I’ll be heading to NYC tomorrow morning with a pared-down Big in Japan for the Del Close Improv Marathon. When I get back on Sunday night, I’ll have a couple of days to get organized, and then a film crew is renting my place for a few days to shoot a TV series. While that’s happening, I’ll be staying in a hotel in Toronto. The Toronto improv fest is that weekend, so I’ll be shooting and performing in that.

Anyway, gotta get my act together for NYC. I’ll write more later.