Laura and I have been talking about re-doing classic and iconic images combining my photography with her own artistic ideas and mythology of the inner world. One of them that we’ve been planning was Boticelli’s Birth of Venus, which is as iconic as they come.  Anyway, after much discussion and planning, it all came together yesterday. We decided not to try to re-create all the framing around the figure, because it was going to be distracting, and just concentrate on the figure herself.

Considering how many things could have gone wrong with this shoot, everything came together just perfectly. The temperature, the slight clouds diffusing the sun, the perfect amount of wind, the color of the water–it all just worked.

The cones are elements of Laura’s own art, so including them was essential to this image. It’s a good thing they made a great stand-in for the giant clamshell.

The shoot progressed after that with the giant white bird, which is another character from Laura’s art. We shot a number of photos before hitting just the right combination and actions to create this dynamic image.

I shot both images using my new 24-70mm lens. After a brief initial period of discomfort with the focal length range, I have quickly warmed to this lens. It’s simply a pleasure to explore this chunk of perspective that I have been missing from my vision for several years. I didn’t even realize I was missing it. During this shoot, the only equipment I brought was the camera with 24-70mm lens attached, and the 70-200mm lens in my bag. As it turned out, I never even took the 70-200mm out of the bag. The new lens just felt right.

Anyway, we’re delighted by how these photos turned out. There are more to come too…