I feel like I’ve reached a new level in my improv lately. The past two Big in Japan shows have been great, and I’ve been feeling really good about them. The difference has been that I’ve been working on my emotional commitment to scenes. Teaching the 401 class for the ITC has helped me with this. I’ve been encouraging my students to let go of their inhibitions and self-consciousness, and just give in to the moment of the scene. I have been calling them out if I see that they’re pulling back or judging themselves from the outside. I can see it in their eyes when they think that they look silly. Consequently, I’m forced to practice what I preach. So, for two weeks in a row I’ve been completely letting go of emotional self-control in scenes. The resulting torrent of emotion has been very satisfying. It is fun to be and to watch someone being a complete emotional disaster on stage. Although it is exhausting, I end the set feeling like I couldn’t have possibly given more. That’s a good feeling.