I’ve been having fun with Twitter lately, using it to post the tiny things that don’t warrant an entire blog entry, but I still feel like saying. I was wondering about other uses of Twitter that would suit my life, and I was inspired by my friend Karen’s account called shortpress. She was writing story fragments, none of them really interlinked, but each of them beautiful and meaningful in some way. I decided I would try it. So, I created the account microprose.

It turns out this type of writing really suits me. Since each entry is limited to 140 characters, it enforces a type of concentrated and disciplined writing that I really enjoy. How much meaning can I distill into one entry? How succinctly and clearly can I express myself? How strongly can I make someone feel something? After having done a few of these, I now see that I write them exactly the same way I take photos. I try to use the 140 character limit the same way I might use a limit in shooting conditions, focal length, available light, etc. I always want to push the limits. It’s fun to me to see that in some ways, the more I change, the more I’m the same.