It’s been a pretty busy couple of days here in Bangkok. I’m doing my best to help with the wedding, which is turning out to be a massive affair. Today, I was part of a really beautiful traditional Thai engagement ceremony. I don’t have photos of it, because I was part of the groom’s engagement procession, and was carrying a bag full of diamonds. There was no way for me to shoot as well.

Yesterday, I helped the groom, who’s my best friend from high school, at his rehearsal with the Thai Philharmonic Orchestra. They’ll be accompanying him as he plays a song at his reception on the piano. There are going to be a couple of thousand people there, so he’s understandably a bit nervous about it all.

At night, we went to a meet and greet at a restaurant that boasts of being the highest al fresco restaurant in Asia. It’s not hard to believe, since it’s on the 64th floor of an enormous hotel, and has a magnificent view of the city from its terrace.

Anyway, here are a few photos from the last couple of days’ events. The actual wedding happens tomorrow afternoon.