Laura Hollick and I keep stepping up our video projects. In this latest one, we wanted to communicate the concept of “becoming art.” We used nude bodypainting as the medium. We called on Sue Upton to do the actual bodypainting. Laura started out nude, and then Sue painted her white to match the canvas. Afterwards, Sue painted her and the canvas blue. Finally, we animated the painting of the bird on Laura’s chest. Here are some behind the scenes photos of the process. You’ll see the camera mounted on a boom arm. I used that to film some smooth HD video clips panning over the body, but when it came to the editing phase of the project, it was clear that the smooth video clashed with the stop motion footage, so I abandoned it. We’d also animated a sequence of painting the Soul Art logo on her chest, which then transformed into the bird, but we let that go too, since we really wanted to keep the video short and sweet. It’s amazing what gets left on the editing room floor!

Here’s the final video. This is the first video in which I also produced the music. I dug back over 20 years to my high school days when I used to write electronic music and dusted off those rusty skills to put together an instrumental track to accompany the video. After watching the video, check out the 3 questions to unlock your inner soul artist.

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