Firefox tweaks

If you use Firefox, you should definitely do the things detailed in this blog. Firefox is already fast, but this makes it faster. A handful of Firefox tweaks that will double your browser speed : Boy Genius Report.

Chromed up

Everyone in the geekworld has been talking about Google’s new Chrome browser lately, and for good reason. I feel bad for Opera,  who has been around for ages and has created a pretty damned good browser, but still gets no respect. Opera is at version 9.5, and...

Aggregated Assault

Here’s something new and interesting. Swurl aggregates all of your social networking Web 2.0 goodness into one place. You can add your blog(s) 8-), Flickr, Twitter, Facebook status updates, etc. into one big RSS feed so that people can keep the hell up with what...

Virtual Earth knows where I live

This is cool. I looked up my address on Virtual Earth, and found that they had rendered my building in 3D! Actually, it’s the only building in my neighborhood that shows up in 3D.  And who’s that in the parking lot? Emeril Legacy!