Home plate

I had a good day yesterday. Someone gave me tickets to see the Blue Jays game, so I took Dad with me. It brought back memories of Dad taking the family to see the game. Of course, back then, the Blue Jays actually had a fighting chance of winning. These days, the odds...


Maple Leaf has a brand of factory-made pre-packaged foods called “Simply Fresh.” I don’t get it.

Is it wrong?

I have never seen an omelette made with chicken in it. Is it wrong to mix the adult animal with its ovum? It strikes me as odd, yet also logical.

Clickity click

The Chicago trip was a whirlwind. Literally. There were tornado warnings all day on Friday, the the weather was absolutely wild. It was hot and humid, but the wind was blowing like mad. At times, it was difficult to walk down the street, because the wind was pushing...


This is probably excessive, but what the hell. You only live once. It’s delicious.